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Logbook of KS Claw

...the local lunatic

11 July 1985
My name is Katja, but I prefer to be called KS Claw online. I was born in 1985, and have done mine to cause chaos and mayhem ever since =P

Heh, naw. In reality, I'm a pretty mellow personality. I love to draw, read books, watch movies/cartoons/anime, listen to music, play videogames or to RP with friends online. I enjoy reading the occasional manga with hentai or yaoi content, but its mostly for inspiration for some of my drawings. I'm not too specific about fandom either.. some pairings ick me badly (especially when I know the characters don't fit together at all!), while others suit me just fine.

I work with various media. Watercolors, acryllics, oil, copic/tria markers, colored pencils, or generally just pencil and ink. I do enjoy the occasional arttrade, and commissions are the same.

Otherwise, when it comes to other peoples art I am mainly a lurker.. I watch their art, but I don't always comment. It depends on perhaps the humor, the art itself, or if the artist has perhaps asked for guiding criticism.

$10 bust + chibi commissions for sale


All commissions, as stated in title, are available for $10. Extra chibis on one drawing (like for group shots) are + $1 per chibi

Payment is done over Paypal

Example 1:

Bust v. 1. Goes to the shoulders. Can be done in Black and White, Digital or Traditional

Example 2:

Bust v. 2. Goes to the waist. Can be done in Black and White, Digital or Traditional. Another thing that can be done here is also that you can add a bit more movement and expression if that's what you want.

Example 3:

Chibi. Can be done in flat or shaded color, Black and White, Digital or Traditional.

My various LJ's and their content

KS Claw In case you hadn't guessed, the LJ which info you are viewing now

Kokuei No Daisho the LJ where you can find all my original and fan stories and of an adult nature, ratings going from PG-13 to NC-17 in different categories. All mature-rated entries are friends-locked.